Will ‘Life Stories’ be the same without Piers Morgan?

I’ve written previously for The Boar about the ever so controversial figure of Piers Morgan. Indeed, to say the presenter divides opinion is the least controversial view of all time. Back then, he had left Good Morning Britain in a storm, with rumours igniting about whether, given subsequent falling ratings, ITV would invite him back as the lead presenter. That is most certainly no more. With the recent announcement Morgan was leaving his Life Stories programme after 12 years, he has cut his fin

The Open Mind: Why I Started Supporting HS2

Infrastructure schemes are, by their very nature, issues of high contention. Their creation means altering an area of land for the foreseeable future and changing the physical appearance of a location. If a tall building is created, that will undeniably affect those who live around the building. Similarly, a new road will affect previously natural land and mean a long-term change. Infrastructure projects cannot just be switched on or off.

My experience of cinema at Warwick

The best cinema is ultimately enjoyed as a collective experience. Packed into a room, the comfy seats, huge screen and armrests all contribute to a brilliant time collectively watching a film. An audience, most of whom won’t personally know one another, can laugh, cry, jump out of their skin and feel pure amazement at the quality of the cinema they are watching. The best movies are really appreciated when you have the company of others.

The wealth of writers who went to Warwick

To write is to offer a fresh perspective on the world. It is to leave an imprint, however small, on society. Words provide an all important context to the past, enlightening future generations about the way individuals thought and lived. There are plenty of alumni from Warwick who have done just that. Whether inspired by their university degrees or not, they have taken that notion of chronicling their vision of the past seriously, and with great insight.

Should the number of bank holidays be expanded?

Jane Austen once wrote that “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Well, a more recent universal truth is that a bank holiday without damp, wet conditions would not be a bank holiday. It seems the price workers pay for enjoying an extra weekday off work is the most miserable of weather that hardly inspires meaningful activities for the extra day of freedom.

Should the price of tickets be voluntary?

At some point, all of us have visited a cake sale for a good cause. Charities looking to raise money will have spent hours putting together the most fantastic creations that look absolutely appetising for the public’s delight. Aiming to raise funds for important causes, there is often no set price on how much each cake costs. Individuals are simply invited to donate whatever funds they can. It is arguably fairer that way – everyone can contribute but only what they can financially afford.

Studios should stick to the agreements they have struck with their stars

Contracts are vital documents which are crucial to how societies are governed. That there is a whole branch of law devoted to contracts represents how crucial they are in framing the obligations that bind us to one another. Break a contract, which is usually legally signed by two parties, and the road to disagreement becomes a very realistic prospect. This has been the situation facing various Hollywood movie stars, who few may have initially had sympathy for. Earning millions for different blo

What are the consequences of Liverpool losing its UNESCO world heritage status?

Liverpool is one city among many in the United Kingdom I am desperate to pay a visit. Best know for the Beatles, a fantastic accent and newsagents not stocking copies of the Sun, it has a deep and profound rooted history. It is a city no doubt filled with memories, good and bad, of the impact of the past, which has shaped how its citizens regard the location. I have always held Liverpool in the highest of regards and look forward to the day I am finally able to go there.

Have Warwick students found summer work in a pandemic?

The summer may have arrived for university students, but that doesn’t mean a holiday is directly around the corner. Firstly, the widespread variation in different travel restrictions has affected the amount of international holiday making that can take place. Unless you want to self-isolate following your travel, depending on ever-changing Covid travel rules in the UK, venturing overseas suddenly looks a lot less appealing.

Should theatre be reopening at full capacity?

The chance to return to the theatre was one of the brilliant things about the reopening of society on May 17th. That, alongside cinemas being back, allowed the collective viewer experience to appreciate or deride – depending on what was showing – different aspects of culture. While everyone may have got used to, and perhaps even enjoyed, watching culture at home, that shared, collective engagement with culture was not there.

Will the return of the ‘Weakest Link’ be a success?

The Weakest Link is one of the most iconic, memorable quiz programmes I can remember from my childhood. Hosted by Anne Robinson, it pitted members of the public against one another in a horseshoe fashion answering questions that (at home at least) didn’t appear too impossible. What made the quiz intense was the contestants relying on one another to create a chain of correct answers. Get just one wrong and the chain would be broken, with a large amount of money potentially lost.

Steve Richards’ ‘Rock n Roll Politics’ podcast is a masterclass in political analysis

If you want to listen to someone with longstanding expert political analysis, you can’t go far wrong with Steve Richards’ ‘Rock n Roll Politics’ podcast. Based on his live one-man theatre show, the title aims to reflect the turbulent, volatile nature of our political times. From one show to the next, nobody is ever quite sure how politics will have transformed, amazed and horrified those of us constantly engaged in following it.
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